Kkondae Latte, 2021
Subject: Branding
Collaboration project, Illustration
Character Design: Dayoung Kang
Graphic Design: Yeojin Ryu, Hyunseo Kim
Drawing: Dayoung Kang, Soonwon Kang 
Format: Card, Poster

Participated in a collaboration project called “Kkondae Package” as illustration and character design. A Kkondae is expression used in South Korea to describe an older person who treats others rudely as condescending person. This package contains latte capsules for people of the generation MZ who are stressed by kondaes. It contains the message of overcoming stressful situations by delivering latte to the Kkondae in a pleasant way.

The overall design concept was inspired by the Magic Kaito (Kaitō Kiddo), a gentleman phantom thief  who uses magic and contains the meaning that the gentle Mx. Latte takes the stress away. The character used wordplay. In Korean, ‘When I was young’ sounds like ‘Latte is horse’. So I designed a horse dressed as a thief and named it latte.

© Dayoung Kang