Malpyo,  2021
Subject: Meme
Format: Animation
Running time: 27”

The subject of this project is ‘Meme’. A meme is a unit of cultural information spread by imitation and internet memes have been shown to wield immense cultural and social power through the generation MZ. Also, collaboration marketing has a significant influence on our society. Many companies release unreasonable collaboration products without understanding collaboration and without responsibility for customers. As a result, consumers are becoming confused and dangerous even to products that were originally safe.

In particular, children who are unfamiliar with new products or the elderly who have vision problems with presbyopia are experiencing problems that can lead to accidents because the issue is related with the recognition. For example, If a child has experience buying shoes polish a package of chocolate, the child can accidentally eat shoe polish. After that, the child has to go to the emergency department.     

As I am concerned, a shoe polish company Malpyo has sold a variety of goods to expose a brand through collaboration marketing such as hand cream, lip balm, chocolate, etc. I can not solve social issues right away, but I want to share a message that companies have to consider the safety of consumers through animation for all ages. 

The inventor read article on his mobile that 'Collaboration products are popular'. Suddenly, someone threw a stone at the window, so he hasn't read the article to the end. He decided to make a collaboration product without knowing that it is dangerous for young children. The collaboration chocolate was popular with young children, and the boy who returned home saw and ate shoe polish that looked exactly like the chocolate case his friend boasted in the park. Is the collaboration product safe? 


© Dayoung Kang