Persona: map of the soul, 2021
Subject: Persona
Designing the experience of play, Animation, Illustration
Format: Video
Running Time: 58’’

This project is based on a persona which is related to a gap between people’s original personality and the public image of one's personality. The public persona accepts the implicit rules of human beings within the limits of the summit set by society. People are social animals, so they use various personalities in numerous situations in life. I was afraid about a separation between my original personality and my personas before I started this project. However, I realised all humans have public masks called Persona to protect their social fears and many people live with the same fear as well. Thus, I would like to say that personas are essential for survival of life and all different types of personas struggle for each person depending on the individual's circumstance through a healing game for providing users psychological stability. 

Daisy is afraid about her duality and hypocrisy in her own world, struggling with a difficult experience in her life. She collects personas as masks which grants new abilities to better navigate the map of souls. As the story unfolds, Daisy will see the variety of personalities in a different way because people may need social masks for more socially desirable and social interaction. 

Persona: map of the soul is that Daisy's adventure, which to avoid the fear of herself, is resolved through her persona as she faces another fear. Before the game starts, a short animation shows Daisy's story, and Daisy jumps and moves forward. There are 5 rounds and players should get one mask for each round. If the player moves forward, the player will finally reach all the masks.

Players will explore a meticulously designed world brought to life with delicate art, detailed animation, and an elegant original score with calm sounds and soft colours.


© Dayoung Kang